Tremulous garden progress

Two peas out of 20+ planted are up. What’s the deal?

Warm and sunny past 3 days. The first scatter-planting¬† of spinach and arugula has produced a patchy patch of 1″ plants– used a technique I read about to thin them: drag a rake across, once, producing a disaster that will sort itself out in a few days. Tried it — looks like a disaster indeed. We’ll see.

Hops are 2′ tall.

Mowed the lawn for the first time of the year, layered clippings with fall leaves in the black compost-maker and sprinkled with water. Maybe something good will result. The topsoil I got from Caras Nursery is powdery and light in color, doesn’t really look that great but maybe it is.

More seeds in the ground, and MEAD

Found old seeds from years past and planted all the cold-weather tolerant stuff today.

More argula and spinach and peas, and bok choy.

The spinach and arugula I planted last month  are just sprouting. No sign of the peas yet.

Thinking about maybe trying to grow corn again. And maybe potatoes using the tire trick.

Still 5 weeks to last frost (May 23rd I think).

Also, brewed up a mead with 24lbs of honey today. 1.174 OG, massive. Idea is that this will be cracked open upon Jacob’s return.

Seeds in the ground

Last week, built two 4’x16′ 12″ high cedar boxes and migrated last year’s yard waste — barley husks, leaves, grass clippings, twigs, moss, weed seeds, bark, etc, into the boxes. Then went to Caras and they had no dirt.

Went back to Caras today and they still had no dirt. “Maybe in 2 weeks”, says the lass.

So, improvised — cleared out the organics out of middle third of one box, and dug up the dirt to mix with the northern third. Mixed it all up, added a cup of 10-10-10 fertilizer, patted it down, and planted 2 rows of Oregon snow peas and the remainder with a mix of spinach and arugula, which I mixed with a few handfuls of dirt and then just sprinkled around, then lightly hoed under. Sprayed with water for a couple minutes. Maybe something will sprout.

One little 4x5 section of garden - so far.

Update Sunday Mar 16th: Of course it snowed an inch overnight.