On election night, I flew the entire team to Las Vegas so we could watch Hillary’s reelection victory speech in the same room.  My operations manager somehow pulled off the logistics of getting fifteen people from fifteen cities into town at pretty much the same time, and we convened that night in an enormous suite in one of the new super-towers to sip champagne and watch the speech on a really big screen.

With Marianne at my side, I took the opportunity just before the President began to express my gratitude to the team and reflect a bit on what we’d accomplished.

In a little more than five years, we’d built an important and strategic component for progressive campaigns to help identify new supporters, contributors, fans, and volunteers. We used data – tons and tons of data, mashed up and blended and matched and analyzed to help hundreds of campaigns “expand their universe”.

We’d even, I claimed, made a demonstrable difference in the moral foundation of the nation.

Of dozens of campaigns we’ve helped, let’s review the Ohio gubernatorial race in 2018, as just one example.  The Republican was polling at 50% support and promising to slash programs that were proven to help kids in poverty, and roll back the state’s LGBT non-discrimination laws. And that was just the tip of the iceberg with this guy.

The Democrats used Skyly throughout the summer. Their small team was able to 1) pass hundreds of potential high-dollar donors on to the finance team — some of whom wrote big checks and will continue to do so, 2) feed thousands more contacts into the digital fundraising program, resulting in thousands of dollars raised and emails captured, and 3) identify hundreds of new volunteers for the field operation to help with events and GOTV efforts.

We can’t claim that Skyly was the only reason that the Democrat won with 51% of the vote, but we know we made a difference in a race that everyone said was a statistical dead heat.

If we’d lost, well, there’d have been more kids going to bed hungry in Ohio. People could once again be fired if their boss even suspected they were gay. Policies that cause harm to real people. And that’s what I mean about the moral foundation.Getting here hasn’t been easy. Those first couple years were pretty lean. But once we got traction in 2016, we were able to build a successful business that implemented our values: Progressive political action. Location independence.  Making a living while making plenty of time along the way for family, friends, travel, and art.We’re helping the good guys win, having fun doing it, and I’m proud of our work.